About Us

We are a team of professionals who have significant experience in information technology (IT). We have experience working in different professions to give an expert opinion on the many career paths found in IT. Our main goal is to help people learn what they need to know and the courses to become master-level IT professionals.

If you are interested in IT, you will continually be learning new things, so ongoing education is a big part of what we do. We enjoy helping others get started and find the best online courses to take that have excellent instructors. When we find an intriguing course, we add it to a category of related courses and reviews.

Please use the links in our reviews to find a course that you like. We get paid a small commission for the referrals. You will still get the lowest price because the company pays us.

Many want to figure out how we earn such a good living working remotely as programmers. We started just like everyone else and enjoy what we do so much we continue to learn more about it. Continuing our education is the “secret” behind our success.

We have been doing this work now for more than two decades. There is no lack of opportunity, even despite the pandemic. If anything, the pandemic increased our success as people had more time to start projects with us.

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